Sandy's Christmas Story!

Santa in Woods

Santa says, "Darn this alzheimer's, I forgot where I left the reindeers and sleigh!".

Santa in Woods part 2

OK, there's the sleigh! Now, where are those reindeer? Looks like I need to find those elves with all the loot also!

Santa in Woods part 3

There you are! Come here Donner, come here Blitzen! Or are you Comet and Cupid? Dang, all you reindeer look alike!

Santa in Woods part 3

There you are! Hey Boss, you better get those reindeer hitched up and get on over to the main plant. They're about to go on strike! You haven't been keeping up the 'Naughty & Nice' list and they're swamped with orders. They have been working twelve hour shifts and just can't keep it up. You've got to do something, Boss!!

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