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Valentine Hearts with the Neu! Filter Tutorial


Copyright February 3, 2003 by Sandra L. Willis for Sandy's Place

This tutorial is written for PSP v7
For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 (will probably work in 6 but I have not tried it yet)
The "Neu! Filter" by Sandy Blair
Unzip to your plugin folder.

Lets get started:
1. Open a new workspace 350 x 450, transparent background, 16 million colors.

2. Set foreground and background colors to white, #FFFFFF.

3.Select your Preset tool, and set it for the star as in Figure 1.
Image of Preset Shape tool box with selected star

4. Starting in the center at coordinates 175/225, right click and draw out a large star as in figure 2.
Image of Preset Shape star

5. Activate your Selection tool Image of Selection tool.

6. Then Select All/ and tap the star to surround it with "marching ants".

*NOTE* Because the Neu! Filter has an underline in the name, it will be found at or near the very top of your list of filters, NOT in the N's where you would expect it!*NOTE*

7. Go to Effects/Plugins/Neu!/Weissensee move the Random2 slider to 196 and move the Spokes slider to 1, as in figure 3.
Image of Neu Filter Weissensee panel, settings for valentine heart

8. Click OK, and now your picture looks like this:
Image of star with Neu Filter Weissensee applied

9.Now we need to color our picture. There are several methods that work. Choose your favorite method. You can go to Colors/Adjust/Hue Map and change the settings like figure 5. Or you can use Colors/Colorize with a setting of 255/255. Or you can use Retouch/Color to Target with foreground color set to "Basic Red ~ #FF0000.
Image of Hue Map with settings.

10. Deselect. (HINT~ Tap the background outside the star, or use Ctrl + D)

11. Go to Effects/Reflection/Kaleidoscope and use the settings in Figure 6
Image of Kaleidoscope with settings.

12. Click OK, and now your picture looks like this:
Image as it looks after using kaleidoscope tool.

13. Activate your Selection tool Image of Selection tool.

14. Change setting to circle.

15. Starting in the center, 175/225, draw out a circle to just beyond the white portion that goes all the way around. Figure 7 shows where to draw the circle, but yours will be marching ants from the selection tool, not blue!
Image of where to draw the circle.

16. Go to Selections/Invert and then click Delete. All that extra stuff around the sides should be gone now.
Circle with empty strip

17. Now we are going to fill in that empty space near the center.

18. Go to Selections/Invert again.

19. Make a new Raster Layer, and send or drag to bottom of the layer palette.

20. Flood fill with the color of your choice.
Circle with white fillCircle with pink fill
Circle with red fillCircle with blue fill

21. Deselect.

22. Merge layers.

23. Your Valentine Hearts Medalion is now finished. Save it as a .psp or .jpg, or tube it.

24. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
Circle with white fillCircle with pink fill

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Copyright February 3, 2003 Sandy's Place Valentine Hearts Tutorial All Rights Reserved.

Do not add this tutorial to any collection, or copy and pass this tutorial around in groups. Groups may use this tutorial for group lessons by providing a text link only. Do not copy and store this tutorial on your own server. Any questions, E-mail me.